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Mobile Marketing : Client Plans

Professional Enterprise Developer

Developer Plan

The Developer Plan is for software developers, web developers or online businesses who wish to seamlessly integrate Premium SMS or reverse billing functionality into their websites and business systems.

Full access can be made available to all of the features of FASTMMS, including standard campaign mechanisms and reverse billing processes through a range of Applications Interfaces (API's) in a selection of useful protocols.

Full technical details are provided and bespoke programming can be offered to incorporate special features or customise interfaces.

Costs are specific to each application and revenue share tables, shortcode rental fees and SMS message credit prices may vary from application to application.

Key benefits and features of the Developer Plan:

  • Direct access to FASTMMS gateway via API
  • Multiple protocols offered
    • HTTP / HTTPS
    • SMTP
    • SOAP
    • XML
    • ... etc
  • Infrastructure details and maps
  • Bespoke programming services
  • Full technical support & consultancy

To discuss your requirements please contact our advisers on 01386 791880 who will assess which of our senior technical team is best suited to examine your requirements.


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