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Getting Started With Your SMS Shortcode Campaign

It's really quick and easy to get an SMS shortcode campaign rolling. Our systems are simple to set up and our team of advisers will help you all the way. If you can find answers to the following questions we can give you an immediate quote (which will cost less than you might imagine) and be able to get you up and running in no time.

  1. What style of campaign do you want to operate - click here for options.
  2. How many months you would like to run the campaign for and when would you like it to start?
  3. Do you want to charge people for using/entering your service? If so, how much? You will need to remember that you will not receive all of the amount you charge - see our revenue share table for figures.
  4. If you do not want to charge the user for using the service do you still want to send back a return auto-response message? If you do you will need to estimate the number of entries you will get so you can purchase that number of outbound messages (see price list).
  5. What keyword(s) would you like to use? Are they available? [check here].

Once you have answered all these questions call the FASTMMS team on 01386 791880 for an immediate quote. Don't worry if you are unsure of some of the answers, we are vastly experienced in running Premium SMS campaigns and can advise on most issues.

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