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Information On Premium SMS Shortcode Activities

Here is where you will find information about FASTMMS the service, the company and Premium Rate SMS in general.

If you don't find the answer to your question in the pages below just call us on 01386 791880 or send an enquiry.

  • Shortcode Pricing
    Summary of pricing issues related to Premium SMS & Mobile Marketing
  • Shortcode Prices
    Costs for shared and dedicated shortcodes and keywords
  • SMS Message Credit Prices
    Cost of outbound SMS text credits, required if you are not making a reverse billed charge
  • Revenue Share
    The share of a reverse billed charge available to the organiser of the campaign
  • Why FASTMMS?
    Why FASTMMS are such a good choice as your mobile marketing supplier
  • Reverse Billing
    How reverse billing works with SMS shortcode numbers and the benefits you get
  • Regulations
    The laws and regulations that apply to SMS mobile marketing campaigns
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Answers to the most common questions we receive relating to Premium SMS
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