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FAQ's For SMS Shortcode Messaging

If you don't find the answer to your question below call us on 01386 791880 or send an enquiry.

When do I receive the revenue from my campaign?

Each month we receive a statement from the networks that states how much revenue the text campaigns have generated. FASTMMS will then work out how much your individual text campaign generated and email you a statement which will include the number of texts received on each network and the revenue generated from each network. FASTMMS then asks you to send us an invoice for the amount and we will then send a cheque in the post. This whole process can take a month so you generally receive the first payment 2 months after the beginning of the campaign.

How does the charging work on the text messages?

The text that is sent into the service will always be paid for by the sender, they will pay their standard network rate.

If you wish to charge the sender you must then send back an auto-response message and it is this return message that will charge them the amount you have specified.

Therefore, the total cost to the sender is the amount you charge plus their standard network rate.

How successful will my campaign be?

The success of your text campaign totally depends upon how well you advertise your service. The better you advertise and market your service the better the response. We have run SMS competitions in the past with amazing prizes that have only attracted a handful of entries as they were not advertised effectively.

What are the charges to the user?

When running a text service the user will always pay their standard network text rate (eg.10p,12p) for the text they send into the service. The return text will then either be paid for by the user or if you are covering the cost of the outbound text it will use one of your pre-purchased text credits.

How can I see the text activity on my service?

If you do not wish to receive the texts forwarded to your email address in realtime as they arrive in the system, but would like daily/weekly reports on the campaign activity we can set it up so you receive reports that will detail all text activity on the account. These can be sent to you daily, weekly, monthly or at the end of the text campaign.

What if I am doing a live vote event and wish to view the result on the night?

If you are running a vote service and would like to be able to view the results to announce a winner live, access can be arranged so you can log into your account live online to view a summary of the results.

What happens to all the mobile numbers that text into the service, can I use them for marketing?

We will send you a final data sheet that will include all the mobile numbers of the people who sent a text to your service. This is your data to do with as you wish.

Does FASTSMS provide mobile phone data?

No, we do not sell or provide any mobile phone data, if you don't already have a data list to send your texts to you will need to purchase some from a data company.

I have a database of customers' numbers I have collected; can I send charged text messages to them?

No, if you want to put any sort of charge on a text it must be on a text that goes out in response to a text message received from your customer, this way they are agreeing to the charged text as the initial text has come from their handset. It is illegal to simply send out charged texts to people without them requesting the text.

I get free text bundles with my contract; will it use one of these when I send a message to a shortcode?

No it won't. It will cost a standard network charged text (eg.10p) no matter what text bundles or contracts you have.

If you didn't find the answer to your question above call us on 01386 791880 or send an enquiry.

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