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Whatever type of campaign you wish to run, FASTMMS offers the quickest, most reliable route for getting your campaign live - today.

We provide both shared and dedicated short code campaign services for a wide range of clients. The choice depends on the type and level of service you require.

Shared Shortcode Campaign Services

With NO SET UP FEES and single keyword campaign costs from only £49 per month, FASTMMS is the number one choice as your Premium SMS campaign provider.

Simply choose the type of campaign and the number of keywords required and we'll do the rest.

1st Keyword £99 pcm
2-3 Keywords £75 pcm each
4-5 Keywords £49 pcm each

With FASTMMS there are NO LONG TERM CONTRACTS - all you need to commit to is the first month.

If you wish, you can book a campaign for a longer period - and we'll reward your commitment with a discount from the monthly service cost.

One Month (per keyword)
Six Months (per keyword)
One Year (per keyword)
1 Keyword £99 pcm £75 pcm £49 pcm
2 - 3 Keywords £75 pcm £60 pcm £45 pcm
4 - 5 Keywords £50 pcm £45 pcm £40 pcm


1 keyword running for 1 year = 12 x £49 = £588

3 keywords running for 6 months = (3 x £60) = £180 x 6 months = £1080

Our experienced team has helped hundreds of companies of all sizes launch many successful campaigns across a wide variety of industries. Call us today on 01386 791880 to discuss your requirements and experience the benefit of using FASTMMS as a part of your mobile marketing strategy.

Dedicated Short Code Campaign Services

If you have a national, large scale campaign or wish to run many different campaigns you may require the exclusivity of your own dedicated short code number.

There are no keyword limitations with this type of service, you can create & manage as many campaigns as required.

Dedicated short code services include access to our Campaign Manager platform for the creation and management of your campaigns.

Network set up cost for dedicated numbers are around £500 (price varies so contact us to confirm)

Monthly service costs (including access to CM platform) are around £1045pm (price varies so contact us to confirm)

Our dedicated short code numbers are compatible with ALL UK mobile networks.

Please note:

  • Dedicated numbers have a 12 month minimum rental period
  • A dedicated short code is set at a single charge band by the network, it is not possible to run differently charged services through a single number
  • If an 'off the shelf' number is not chosen, there is an approximate 9 week lead time from point of order before your number will be live.

For a full list of currently available dedicated numbers or for further details of any of our short code campaign services please call us on 01386 791880 today.

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