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Check Keyword Availability For SMS Shortcode Campaigns

SMS Campaigns running on shared 5 digit shortcode numbers require a unique KEYWORD to identify them. For example, an advert might say "For a brochure text HOUSE09 followed by your name and email address to 80010" - this means HOUSE09 is your keyword and 80010 is your shared shortcode number.

Use the form below to check the availability of your preferred keyword

Hint: Using a word relevant to your company or campaign will make it more memorable for the sender. Also choosing a word that can be spelt with predictive text can make life easier too.

Please make sure you give us a valid email address and phone number. It requires some effort to answer your query so it's a waste if we don't have the means of getting back to you.

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Please also tell us a little about yourself & your campaign.

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If you are unsure about any aspect of setting up a campaign using a shared shortcode please call us on 01386 791880. Our experienced team will be able to quickly assess your requirements & offer advice on a wide range of mobile marketing campaign types.


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