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Premium SMS Text Messaging

If you know about Premium SMS and have a clear idea of your requirements either use our Keyword Availability Checker to see if what you want is available or speak to one of our advisors on 01386 791880 during office hours.

If you are not so sure of what you need, read on ...

So what is Premium SMS?

Premium SMS is a range of services where SMS texts are sent from a phone to a shortcode number (e.g. 80010, 88080) usually with a keyword that triggers a response from the Premium SMS system.

So you might text the keyword "VOTE" plus A, B or C to 80010 to register a text vote for one of 3 choices. Or you might text "QUIZ" plus your answer to a question to 88080 to go into a draw for a prize.

Voting and Quizzes are just two of many types of "Premium SMS Campaign" that can be run. For a fuller list click here.

What's the point of Premium SMS?

There are two main uses.

Firstly it can be used to generate permission-based mobile phone mailing lists. So by giving you the opportunity to enter a quiz with a holiday as a prize I capture your mobile number and can use it for future marketing activities. Basically I can send you adverts or news items.

Secondly it can be used to make money. It is possible to make a charge to the phone, with the user's permission, for the campaign entered. So you could charge up to £5 to enter a quiz for a top prize and provided enough people enter you keep the surplus. Or you could use it to sell images, movie clips, ganes, etc.

So what do I need to do next?

The easiest thing to do is to call one of our advisors on 01386 791880 during office hours. By asking a few questions we can quickly identify what you need and give you a firm cost. If you'd rather not do that then use the information on this website to do your research. Check out the campaign types and the associated pricing; see if a suitable keyword is available using the keyword availability checker and then call us or send any questions you have using our online enquiry form.

You should be aware that this is all strictly regulated to ensure any charges mad are 100% legitimate. FASTMMS are fully conversant with the legal situation and will help you comply with all necessary regulations.

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