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Proximity Advertising & Bluetooth Marketing

Proximity Marketing is the means whereby short messages are sent using Bluetooth technology to mobile devices in close proximity to the transmitter of the message. The message is normally promotional in nature with a view to generating a sale or promoting awareness of a brand.

The message can be a piece of text, a static image, a video or a combination of several media types. It can offer a discount, promote an event, preview a show or simply amuse. Badly done it can be a real irritant, well done it can generate spectacular results.

The system can benefit many kinds of business but in particular:

  • Retail Outlets
    Capture more passing trade; send a discount voucher to the passer-by's phone.
  • Pubs, Bars and Clubs
    Give out admission passes, drinks promotions, 2 for 1 offers.
  • Restaurants
    Present offers for free wine or dessert.
  • Events and Exhibitions
    Attract visitors to your booth with free offers.

The message can take many forms:

  • Simple text message
  • Animation or video
  • Contact details - a vCard
  • Slide show, product showcase
  • Ring tone, logo or wallpaper
  • Mobile game
  • Full Java application
  • Sound - music mp3 or podcast message

How much does it cost? What's involved?

  • Initial campaign consultation
    One of our consultants will sit down with you and plan the initial campaign to meet defined objectives. The success of any Proximity Marketing project is down to the appropriate message being sent to the correct target audience. Costs start at £500 + VAT for smaller users; typical cost is £1000.
  • Bluetooth transmitter and operating software
    Each location requires a Bluetooth transmitter box to send out the messages to the local audience. The box comes with PC-based management software to configure the delivery of the campaign files in house. Cost for 1 box is £499 + VAT with discounts for multiple purchases.
  • Ongoing Support
    A monthly fee of £25 + VAT per box per month covers email and telephone support on hardware and operational issues; hardware updates and software support. Discounts are offered for multiple boxes.
  • Media Creation
    Costs vary considerably between a simple text message or animated gif and complex Flash animations and video productions. Firm prices can be given after the initial campaign consultation; indicative prices are subject to a brief telephone consultation.

Call us during office hours on 01386 791880 to discuss in detail or use our online enquiry form.

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